Pricing and Packages available for your next project

At Wixable, we have a range of packages and prices to suit your budget and your needs.  Take a look below.

Our prices & monthly plans

All of our websites are created using the development platform and some upgrades to your website are available only, via a, premium plan. 


Due to this, Wixable recommends to all of our customers that they create an account with to help manage the content on your website and any future payments that may apply.

Displayed prices do not include the price of your domain name, mail accounts and premium subscriptions which are all managed by
If a premium plan is included in the above package, this will be valid for one year.
All prices are subject to our terms and conditions. premium plans include increased website storage, premium support, free hosting, google analytics and more.
Visit the premium subscription page to view the latest offers and prices.

We understand how time consuming it can be to continually update your website with the right photos and pasting content onto pages or blogs.

We also understand how daunting it can be to manage your content with the fear of making mistakes or deleting your website. 
Whilst the latter is unlikely and our team will happily assist you in feeling comfortable with the content management platform; we know that for peace of mind, our team can manage this on your behalf.
  • Our team can continually update and edit your images and content, on your website and update the blog pages with your written content.
  • We can provide support to you and assist you with ongoing management of your bookings system, online store and other applications.
  • We can provide phone and email support, during the week to assist you with any errors or issues that you have encountered on your website.
  • We can provide remote support where needed so as to log on and see what you're seeing.

Wixable does not write any content for individual websites and all stock images will be quoted for separately.

Wixable are a creative, professional and enthusiastic design agency, based in the UK with over 10 years of design experience and we absolutely love what we do.

From designing and developing websites, creating logos and branding or producing eye-catching stationery; Wixable has the ability to transform the way a business looks and feels.

Delivering websites and more to customers in the UK, US, Canada and beyond

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